Quality Sourcing

We meticulously select the finest logs from around the world.

Modern Sawmill Technology

Our modern sawmill facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Global Reach

We have offices and reliable experts in Vancouver and Toronto Canada, Atlanta USA and Shanghai China. We can cater to clients accross the globe, provding international support.

Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc.

Guiding Principles

At Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc., our guiding principles define who we are and what we stand for. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our vision is to lead the forest products industry towards a sustainable and innovative future. Our mission is to deliver exceptional forest products, foster sustainability, and provide top-notch services to our global clients.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

Our Mission

Build the best product that creates the most value for our customers, use business to inspire and implement environmentally friendly solutions.

Lumber Brokerage

Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc. started with its lumber brokering business in 2016, we successfully building the bridge connecting East Asian Customers customers to the North American market. During the current and following year, more than 4000 containers of Lumber were shipped to ore customers and partners in East Asia.


Log Trading

After gaining trusts and reputations, Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc. with the support of its customers, expanded its business into the Log market, specializing in exporting Southern Yellow Pine logs. Royal Pacific also went ahead and acquired a log sortation yard in Eastern USA, averaging about 1000 containers per year in the beginning.2017

Sourcing Southern Yellow Pine

Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc. moved its sortation yard to the state of Georgia where it partners with local landowners to sort, scale and export local Southern Yellow Pine into Asia. Royal Pacific also cultivates Southern Yellow Pine trees and replanting them in areas where it harvests to ensure sustainable growth for many generations to come2018

Sourcing log in Germany

Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc. solidifies its long-term relationship with local Landowners in Georgia and started to lay the foundation of a brand-new small-scale sawmill. Just two hundred miles away from the port of Savannah, the sawmill will cater to a niche market of customers in both USA and export customers, specializing pallet lumber producing.During the same year, Royal Pacific seized the opportunity to extend its log exporting business in Germany. Partnering with many local suppliers, Royal Pacific is now also a dominant player in the Germany Log export market into the Asia Pacific.2019

Three Sawmills lines established

At the start of a new chapter, a sawmill foundation was built, and three sawmill lines were constructed to provide 150-200 cubic meters of lumber daily. The local state government also came into help by sponsoring a natural gas pipeline for the Kiln Dryer. Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc. now officially own its sawmill business.2020

Plywood and Building Materials

Royal Pacific Enterprises Inc. founded its subsidiary Royal Crown Plywood for its import business into Canada and USA, focusing mainly on plywood and other building materials. 2022

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